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In 2018, a number of organisations from around the world who are leaders   in com­munication for development, media for development, social and behaviour change and related fields came together at the International Social and Behaviour Change Communication Summit in Nusa Dua, Indo­nesia, to form the Global Alliance for Social and Behaviour Change: Building Informed and Engaged Societies.

This group of organisations came together with the recognition that realisation of national development goals and priorities defined by social movements and communities around the world - including the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - requires that individuals and communities are informed and engaged around the issues that most affect them. The Alliance member organisations come from a variety of fields and use a diverse set of approaches yet are united around common principles and goals related to amplifying the voices of those most affected by development and empowering them with knowledge to influence decisions and improve their lives.

The Global Alliance works to advance the scale, quality, impact and sustainability of communication for development, media for development and social and behaviour change, and related strategies, and to facilitate alignment of these efforts with national and regional development processes.

The Global Alliance engages in political dialogue, coordination, advocacy, and evidence reviews on social and behavioural change related to the SDG targets.